Welcome to SocDraw!

SocDraw is a program that allows for real-time collaborative drawing in the browser. From this homepage you can choose to create a new room or join an existing one if you know the name of it.

A room is just a single shared canvas. Once you create a room, the top of the page will indicate the name of that room. Room names are a random sequence of 4 words. You can share this name with other people who can then connect to and share your canvas by using the Join Room option.

Note that any time someone connects to a room, the current state of the canvas is transmitted, then all real-time drawing data is sent back and forth between all connected clients. Also note that if all the people in a room leave (i.e. disconnect) there will be a short grace period after which the room and all the associated drawing data will be deleted permanently.

Tip: If you want to clear the canvas, the best way to do that is with the 'Clear Canvas' button at the bottom of the page. Remember this is a collaborative drawing app, so any erasing or undoing needs to be kept track of as it happens. Saying 'clear canvas' however, let's the program erase all data, likely making it faster and more stable.

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Fonts are provided through Google Fonts.